AKWired Taste Enterprises

The first three letters in AKWIRED compose the acronym that gave birth to the company.  We are led and motivated by Ambition, Knowledge & Wisdom.  Founder and President Joshua Clark seeks to cultivate a legacy of service, cultural awareness, and leadership through our Media, Entertainment, and Fashion divisions. Ambition: We will never stop working to ensure the absolute highest quality for our clients and consumers. Knowledge: We continuously explore opportunities to learn and grow from and with all we encounter.  Wisdom: We use our experiences from the past and present to guide our future, never sacrificing what we feel is right and just. These tenants are the foundation for the independent and progressive thinking A.T. is known for.  We are in the business of Creative Service and we want to serve you. Love us or Hate us. Take us or Leave us. Know you cannot stop us, you can only hope to contain us, and that is just as unlikely.

Welcome, to AKWIRED TASTE.