Who’s Lovin’ Who?

The video below is an excerpt from the first interview for the documentary Y? Chromosome.  With Fathers Day later this month I thought this video relevant to an already well-known discussion.  Dr. Elijah G. Ward, Professor at St. Xavier University in Chicago, tells the story of an addiction counselor he met who was convinced that in order for a man to truly love a woman, he must first love and feel loved by another man in order to confirm and authenticate his masculine identity.  According to Ward, this addiction counselor also said that if a man has not experienced that love, he may search for it in unfamiliar places.  This desire for male to male intimacy can affect heterosexual romantic relationships as well as the relationship between a father and son.  

Please share your thoughts and comments.

Y? Chromosome poses the question: Can you be a man, if you’re also sleeping with one?  It is difficult to develop a genuine male identity in a world where the potency of a straight man’s libido has become the standard for masculinity.  This documentary transcends anatomy, reevaluates the male archetype and explores how gay and bisexual Black men are navigating the arcane space between the X and Y chromosome.

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