Money & Meaning

Allow me to make something overwhelmingly clear. Simply because I have chosen a profession that has the potential to make me rich and if I invest my money intelligently, wealthy, that does not mean I have in some way abdicated my feelings or responsibilities toward my role in creating the world I want to see for my children.  The idea that one has to work for a non-profit or a charity in order to make the world a better place in absurd.  This is not to say that those occupations are not important, it is to say that they are not the only avenue to “being that change you want to see in the world”. 

My film school colleagues and I want to make money. That is A goal, for some it might even be THE goal, but it is not the ONLY goal.  Speaking only for myself, the films I want to make, specifically the documentaries I want to make and their content is how I plan to change the world.  Telling stories with rich, substantive characters whose journey can inform the lives of people across the globe is how I plan to change the world.  Whether I do it in a business suit in an executive suite or in sweatpants at my home computer, film is what I want to give the world of myself.  If it also affords me the ability to feed my family and enjoy a few uncommon luxuries so be it. 

The argument that industry may not change the world is also absurd. Industry changes the world every day. Every home appliance, piece of technology, hell the watch on your wrist is a product of industry. Fresh water wells in Africa, industry. International disaster relief materials, industry. I do not have to sacrifice my desire to influence the world just because I dream of a particular standard of living not only for myself but also for future generations of my family.  One of the greatest achievements is to find something that gives you purpose, fulfills your passion, makes the world and you better, and provides substantial monetary compensation.  I can’t have it all? You obviously don’t know me very well.

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