The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo, the D.C. Sniper.

Even as a resident of Chicago I remember being afraid to leave my home after learning about the D.C. Sniper.  I was not yet old enough to drive but I feared for any family member stopping at a gas station.  I, and frankly most everyone I knew, was shocked to discover the two men were African American.  I’m intrigued by the release of the book The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo, the D.C. Sniper.   From what the article says and the book allegedly suggests, there is an emphasis on Malvo’s absentee father or rather an emphasis on how said father’s absence led to the evil manipulation of a young boy.  I am no doctor but based on the article and its definition of Reactive Attachment Disorder it does not seem nearly as rare as suggested.  The “absentee parent” is unfortunately not a new development among African American families nor is it a shocking reality.  Should we feel sorry for Malvo? Should the families whose lives are forever altered by loss feel sorry for him? These ARE important questions and I look forward to what I expect will be an important read.

See article below:

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