Is News Dead?

As a journalist my colleagues have told me for years that TV News is dying a slow death.  Cleary the internet and mobile devices are becoming more and more prominent as the main sources for information and news.  Most of my contemporaries laugh when I mention I watch local television news and scowl when they learn I read the newspaper every day, the actual paper, with folding pages, creases, and ink.  The majority of my work experience is in television news and while statistics might show a decline in overall viewership, it was always refreshing to receive calls on the news desk from a devoted viewer who loved a particular segment or wants to confess his or her love for a particular anchor.  What is most compelling about this trend is where the money is going.  It’s the old adage, “Follow the money.”  If the chart in the article is accurate I am amazed that print publications get 25% of ad dollars.  Both newspapers and local TV news skew to an older demographic but statistics show that the younger generation’s predilections and dollars are more readily influenced and malleable.  What I am most curious about is not whether TV news overall will become obsolete, it’s whether the companies that own them project a time when TV news becomes the financial red-headed step child who must be shipped off to boarding school. No offense to any red-headed readers : ) 

Read article below:

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