‘The Real World’ shakeup: MTV icon changing format for first time ever — EXCLUSIVE

As a fan of MTV’s The Real World, I’m not feeling this change. I’m down for drama but let’s keep it to 7 strangers all picked to live in a house together. This is NOT Love & Hip Hop! For the first time ever, pioneering MTV reality series The Real World is changing its format. After 21 … Continue reading

And Here’s The First Trailer For Maleficent

So the article is kinda harsh but I still wanna see the movie. All the Academy members who are eligible to nominate in the acting categories are making a mental note to write on their ballots, “Best Butterfly-Chasing Performance By A Chosen One In A Trailer – Vivi Jolie-Pitt,” after watching the humanized sliver of … Continue reading

A Maya Rudolph Variety Show Is Really Happening

  THIS.IS.HAPPENING. And yes I’m excited! Nearly nine months ago, we heard that Maya Rudolph, in the wake of Up All Night, was looking to do a variety show, even turning down multiple sitcom pilots. Well, guys, Deadline reports it’s really happening. Lorne Michaels will work with Rudolph to shoot a pilot that will air as a special after the … Continue reading

5 Gut Instincts You Don’t Want to Ignore

Instincts are not some weird mystical power that are only found in the animal kingdom. Gut instincts are defined as:  an innate, typically fixed pattern of behaviour in animals in response to certain stimuli. We are born with instincts to help us survive.  As much as we may pretend we are not, we are very much animals; why … Continue reading

Adobe makes design tutorials available for free

Adobe has now made it even easier to get to grips with their tools with the new Adobe KnowHow website – and some of them are free. Adobe‘s creative tools are used worldwide by designers on a daily basis. And now the company’s made it even easier and more convenient to learn how to use them, … Continue reading

15 Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Brain

Your brain is the engine that controls every action you perform, so needless to say, you should keep it supercharged and ready for action throughout the day. Here are 15 scientifically-proven (but yet surprisingly simple) ways to recharge your brain! I’m definitely digging 4 (Be lost without it), 6 (Been doing it all my life), 7 … Continue reading

Watch a Brand New Wes Anderson Short Film Right Now For Free

Good news for people who like good news about Wes Anderson: A brand new short film by the acclaim auteur which, naturally, stars Jason Schwartzman as a race car driver in 1955 Italy, has popped up online today for no real reason. And with Prada footing the bill for Castello Cavalcanti, all you have to do … Continue reading