‘The Worst 12-Month Stretch’ in the History of Pay TV

cablepricesThe best business model in America has its worst year ever. Is it cord-cutting, or something more complicated?

“The pay TV industry has reported its worst 12-month stretch ever,” analysts Craig Moffett andMichael Nathanson wrote in a report yesterday. Cable is in a free fall, led by Time Warner Cable’s horrendous quarter, in which it lost 306,000 homes while it blacked out CBS over carriage fees. 

Quartz’s Ritchie King, who absolutely has the best graphics on this phenomenon, charts the big picture. First, look right: Netflix is on a tear. Then left: The pay-TV business is clutching the 100-million-household bar like a baby sloth, as cable implodes but satellite and telco (e.g.: Verizon, AT&T) subs make up the difference.

Click the link below for full article.

Is Pay TV dying? (The Atlantic)

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