10 ways to get a better airplane seat

Everyone gripes about economy-class air travel, and sometimes with good reason. But here are 10 strategies to fly in a bit more comfort. Or at least to get the seat you want. Click link below for full article. Best Seat In The House (Yahoo)

Garage Magazine Editor-In-Chief Dasha Zhukova Sits On A ‘Black Woman’ Chair In Shocking Editorial (UPDATE)

Claire Sulmers, the editor of FashionBombDaily.com, alerted us to the unfortunate feature and calls the image an example of “white dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way.” We couldn’t agree more. Although the chair also comes in “white woman,” we can’t help but be filled with anger and frustration over the onslaught … Continue reading

Artist Turns Dance Moves Into Beautiful Charcoal Drawings

Heather Hansen, a contemporary performance artist and dancer in New Orleans, has come up with an elegant and creative way to capture her dancing motions on paper – she gets up-close and personal with a big piece of paper and some charcoal. For the performance aspect of her work, Hansen invites observers to watch her … Continue reading

First Trailer For Son Of Batman

While Marvel is dominating the live-action comic book movie market, DC has managed to reign supreme when it comes to animated movies.  By successfully releasing several animated features a year DC has not only outpaced Marvel when it comes to animated adaptations, but they’ve created an impressive library of quality movies. Click the link below … Continue reading

How to Elegantly Stage Your Secret Room: Bookcase Door by DeForest Architects

Have you ever seen a more elegant and “cultural” approach to a door design? This bookcase is our idea of a clever secret entrance and we just had to share it further with you guys. The project is part of a dream home by DeForest Architects entitled North Lake Wenatchee Residence, a sophisticated mountain retreat in the … Continue reading