MAN UP! or not…

The Mask You Live In Link to full article below Man Up! or not…

When a Homeless Man Joins Your Music Video and Does Something Wonderful Like This–Just Go with It

The recording of this music video took a turn for the amazing when a homeless man kneels in worship and adds his powerful impromptu vocals. FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW FOR THE VIDEO…TRUST ME! Just Go With It (faithit)

Toddler naps with his 2-month-old puppy every day

Could be the cutest thing ever. Earlier this month, blogger Jessica Shyba and her family adopted an adorable 7-week-old mutt. They named him Theo. On his third day as part of their family, Theo joined Jessica and her toddler son Beau for afternoon snuggle time. Beau fell asleep and then so did Theo… he next day, … Continue reading

Viral Journalism and the Valley of Ambiguity

Once you’ve worked as a writer and editor in the world of social media for a decade, the way I have, you start to notice patterns. For example, there are some stories that will never go viral, even if they are brilliant in every measurable way. That’s because they lie in the “valley of ambiguity,” … Continue reading

27 Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die

Vacation anyone? Click link below for full article…trust me, click the link. Surreal Destinations (BuzzFeed) 

Will Smith to Take Manhattan on a Joyride Across the Ocean

I’m not sure about this Will, it sounds very After Earth ‘esque. And while I’m sure Willow is lovely, DON’T.EVEN.THINK.ABOUT.IT! That bit where Bugs Bunny takes a handsaw to the state of Florida, casting it forth into the sea? Will Smith and director Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum, Real Steel, The Internship) are gonna do … Continue reading

‘The Worst 12-Month Stretch’ in the History of Pay TV

The best business model in America has its worst year ever. Is it cord-cutting, or something more complicated? “The pay TV industry has reported its worst 12-month stretch ever,” analysts Craig Moffett andMichael Nathanson wrote in a report yesterday. Cable is in a free fall, led by Time Warner Cable’s horrendous quarter, in which it lost 306,000 homes … Continue reading

The End Is Near for New York City’s World-Famous ‘Graffiti Mecca’

New York City is about to lose 5Pointz, quite possibly the largest collection of street art in the world.  For the past 20 years, a Queens factory owner has allowed artists to cover his building’s facade with colorful names, superheroes, monsters, zombies, and much more. This “graffiti mecca” is a top destination for visitors from around … Continue reading

Key & Peele Head To The Big Screen Thanks To Judd Apatow

If you haven’t been watching “Key & Peele” on Comedy Central, then you are most definitely missing out. These two dudes are constantly turning out some of the most creative sketch comedy on TV right now. If you are a fan of the show and you can’t get enough of these guys, then you are in luck: they just … Continue reading