The ENTERTAINMENT division is responsible for the film, television, and multimedia journalism production of A.T. Enterprises.  We have produced documentary shorts both in Europe and the United States and our multimedia productions have been featured in such outlets as the Boston Globe.

We find no greater joy than in storytelling. We are inspired by stories that compel viewers to ask themselves, “What am I doing to ameliorate global hardship?” We are inspired by films like El Juego de Cuba, which uses baseball as a platform to reveal the pride, politics, and poverty of a nation and documentaries like Soundtrack for a Revolution, which uses song to weave together the road to civil rights and the path to forgiveness.

While our experience is largely based in documentaries, we are currently working with several screenwriters to develop narrative fiction concepts and novel adaptations.  Whatever the style of film, television, or web piece we endeavor to produce STORY is paramount and STORY comes first.  If our work can reach and touch even one individual, if it can make even one person want to be better, it’s all worth it.

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