The FASHION division is the clothing and accessory manifestation of A.T. Enterprises.  Like us, our designs are indeed an AKWIRED TASTE.  Our clothing and accessories reflect our three tenants Ambition, Knowledge, and Wisdom.  Our clothing is made for the Renaissance Men & Women unconfined by the limits society tries to impose on them.

It started with a logo and a t-shirt and expanded into, button-ups, varsity sweaters, jackets, hats, and now jewelry. The possibilities are endless.  For most of founder Joshua Clark’s life he was told that his style was unique, and not in a good way.  He always put comfort and personal preference before brand name status or price.  That’s why he chose a company name befitting an anti-mainstream agenda.

We don’t conform to the idea that perception is reality.  We don’t conform to the idea that jeans, hoodie, and fitted cap denote an inability to articulate oneself or the absence of intellect. We do not associate three-piece suits, French cuffs, or designer dress shoes with elevated tax brackets or obese wallets.  We love our designs, but we aren’t defined by them.

A.T. Fashion was created as a culture of independence and inclusion.  It celebrates individuality and the right to choose what we want and be who we are.  For a world living in the dark shadow cast by the tyranny of fashion elitists, we are the revolution, televised, emailed, tweeted, shouted from the mountain tops and most importantly, worn as a statement of unparalleled integrity.

We are the dreamers, the believers.  We like what we wear, we wear what we create, we create whatever we imagine.  Our designs are for those searching for the courage to be themselves, whether they be businesspeople, educators, parents, children, employed, unemployed, or underemployed.  Whether you’re the 1% or the 99 we make clothing for those who believe individuality is a blessing and that dreams have no expiration date.

Amidst doubters and naysayers we pushed forward. Through the support and guidance of friends, family, and mentors, we can now wear our hearts, minds, and spirits on our sleeves.

Allow us to be your reflection.

Go ahead, BE an AKWIRED TASTE.

We dare you!

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