NBC Pilot Program (NY)

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The powerpoint presentation below was presented to NBC Universal executives during summer 2007.  Nicole’s Caprice was the 1st Place selection in the 2007 NBC Intern Pilot Program in New York City. Intern teams were challenged to develop their own pilot sitcom idea from start to finish.

The show follows a young woman named Nicole as she moves to a cutting edge “social apartment” building called “The Caprice,” located near the hip Washington, D.C. Dupont area. After suffering in an abusive relationship for several years Nicole is starting clean in a new city, but drama seems to follow her everywhere she goes. From her over-demanding job as a publicist for the Illinois Senate Office, to her complicated relationships with her two best friends, Nicole’s life seems to be constantly “in transition.” Nicole’s Caprice will show Nicole navigating her way through her new life in her pursuit to start over. In the process she will attempt to reconnect with old friends, adjust to a new city, and recover from her traumatic past.

Nicole’s_Caprice_FINAL (click)

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